Clearing the Path to Health Care in SW Iowa

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To improve health by avoiding hospital admissions, reduce medically  unnecessary services and encourage appropriate utilization of care, in addition to the utilization of primary care providers for preventative care, activate patient/family engagement, coordinate care, and enhance follow-up care.



CFOC is based at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital and is available throughout southwest Iowa at no cost.  

Created in 2012, CFOC connects people in need with community health and behavioral health experts who will help find appropriate health care, access existing community resources, obtain health-related education and affordable medications, and navigate the health care exchange.  

In addition to receiving this support, patients will be assisted in self-management goals to engage them in their own health care.  We have engaged the services of dedicated, experienced medical professionals from the hospital, as well as from a number of local agencies, who believe in working together with our patients to maintain and improve the health care and the services we offer.



Knowledgeable healthcare professionals meet with patients in Southwest Iowa to determine their needs and connect them with a Community health coach and/or behavioral health coach.

The coaches offer support, guidance and care, assist patients in understanding medical conditions, review medications, and make referrals to appropriate programs, help patients gain the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to become active in their health care.


You are eligible if you or someone you know...

  • Finds it difficult to navigate through health care needs,
  • Does not have a primary care physician,
  • Has multiple physicians or specialists, chronic conditions and/or multiple medications, and requires ongoing care,
  • Has difficulty obtaining medications, medical insurance, food, transportation, utilities, medical supplies and equipment, or
  • Has no health insurance or insurance with a high deductible, or large out-of-pocket expense.


 Healthcare professionals meet with patients to determine their needs and connect them with appropriate services in Council Bluffs.  For many decades the health care system has operated in self-contained silos, resulting in fragmented care that focused on episodic treatment of disease rather than promoting the overall well-being of individuals.  Tearing down the silos by fostering collaboration with hospitals, primary care and community providers will improve the health of the people in the communities we serve.  

Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital understands that transforming from a hospital system that treats people when they are sick or injured to a health system that improves the health and overall well-being of individuals and entire communities is vital in today's health care environment.


Effective change can only happen through collaboration among physicians, health systems, employers, and community leaders.  Partnering with patients, families, medical home providers, and community providers, to improve well-being and keep people healthier will help eliminate fragmentation and gaps in care and provide a sustainable infrastructure that improves overall quality of health in the communities we serve.

We are building on this foundation and expanding the focus into the community that encompasses individuals who are under-resourced, uninsured or under-insured, those who have health risks and who may have behavioral health concerns and encouraging their participation in choosing appropriate access to care, connecting them to a primary care medical home and to much needed appropriate resources, which will foster improved navigation of the health care system and increase accountability across the continuum of care for individuals and the community health partners.